Commonly used docker commands and explanation

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Commonly used docker commands and explanation
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In this article we’ll be discussing about few docker command that we need frequently to work with Docker.

Managing Docker images and Containers

These are the few commands you need frequently to work with docker. But each of them has some options and arguments that might also be needed. We’ll talk about that as well in this article.

docker run Starts a new container
docker pull Copies/pulls image from default registry if doesn’t already have in docker host
docker images List of images on the Docker host
docker ps List of running containers
docker ps -a List of all containers
docker stop Stops running containers
docker start Start a stopped container
docker rm Remove stopped containers
docker rmi Remove images
docker rm -f [container] Stops and removes forcefully
docker stop $(docker ps -a -q) Stops all running containers
docker rm $(docker ps -a -q) Removes all stopped container
docker rmi $(docker images -a -q) Removes all images from docker host registry

docker run

docker run command is one of the most used command in docker. We’ve used this command already with some optional flags as well. But let’s talk about some commonly used options for docker run command in this article.


docker run [OPTIONS] IMAGE [COMMAND] [ARG...]


–entrypoint Overwrite the default ENTRYPOINT of the image
–env , -e Set environment variables
–health-cmd Command to run to check health
–health-interval Time between running the check (ms|s|m|h) (default 0s)
–health-retries Consecutive failures needed to report unhealthy
–health-start-period Start period for the container to initialize before starting health-retries countdown (ms|s|m|h) (default 0s)
–health-timeout Maximum time to allow one check to run (ms|s|m|h) (default 0s)
–name Assign a name to the container
–net Connect a container to a network
–publish , -p Publish a container’s port(s) to the host
–volume , -v Bind mount a volume
–workdir , -w Working directory inside the container

docker stop

docker restart

docker build

docker logs

docker cp

docker rm

docker rmi

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